Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Recordings of my series of bible studies on the Gospel of Matthew are available here:

A couple of the recordings did not come out well due to something going wrong with the microphone. Nonetheless, I hope these prove useful to anyone who wishes to engage with an Orthodox approach to the Gospel of Matthew.


I have decided that less is more, so instead of uploading each recording of my talks on Orthodoxy, I will have one post, under the topic label 'lessons in Orthodoxy' with a link to all the talks on the website of the Greek Orthodox Church of All Saints in Camden Town, London where the talks took place. My intention is to have these talks readily available as an online catechetical resource, so please do share with anyone who may be interested, and feel free to make use of them in teaching catechumens and all who are interested in learning about the beliefs of the Orthodox Church:

Saturday, 19 April 2014


An extract from a homily by St Gregory the Theologian

Yesterday I was crucified with Him; today I am glorified with Him; yesterday I died with Him; to-day I am quickened with Him; yesterday I was buried with Him; to-day I rise with Him. But let us offer to Him who suffered and rose again for us—you will think perhaps that I am going to say gold, or silver, or woven work or transparent and costly stones, the mere passing material of earth, that remains here below, and is for the most part always possessed by bad men, slaves of the world and of the Prince of the world. Let us offer ourselves, the possession most precious to God, and most pleasing; let us give back to the Image what is made after the Image. Let us recognize our Dignity; let us honor our Archetype; let us know the power of the Mystery, and for what Christ died.
Let us become like Christ, since Christ became like us. Let us become God’s for His sake, since He for ours became Man. He assumed the worse that He might give us the better; He became poor that we through His poverty might be rich; He took upon Him the form of a servant that we might receive back our liberty; He came down that we might be exalted; He was tempted that we might conquer; He was dishonored that He might glorify us; He died that He might save us; He ascended that He might draw to Himself us, who were lying low in the Fall of sin. Let us give all, offer all, to Him who gave Himself a Ransom and a Reconciliation for us. But one can give nothing like oneself, understanding the Mystery, and becoming for His sake all that He became for ours.